Xcentric Will Help Bring Your New Consumer Products To Market Faster

Consumer Product Components

Xcentric has been providing rapid injection molding services for over 20 years to consumer product components manufacturers representing a huge range of applications.  We understand that the components we produce are on the critical path for pre-production testing, limited market release, and in many cases final production.

Due to the importance of this role, we understand that the components we produce are on the critical path for pre-production testing, limited market release, and in many cases final production.  Due to the importance of this role, we work very closely with our clients’ design and procurement teams throughout each project to assure we deliver quality components according to a schedule they can count on. We also follow our streamlined production process to make sure the right people are in place from design to part.

Xcentric is one of the leading providers of rapid injection molding services worldwide due to our extremely experienced design and manufacturing teams, proprietary manufacturing expert system, and state-of-the art injection mold making and molding system in our ISO certified U.S. facilities.

We produce prototype injection components in as little as five days, which allows our clients to compress time to market increase development iterations, and remain flexible longer before committing to high volume tooling.

We mold any commercially available polymer commonly used in consumer products including glass filled nylons, polycarbonate, ABS, and polypropylene. We also provide insert molding, overmolding, and a range of standard and customized textures.

Home Goods

We provide rapid injection molding services to leading home goods manufacturers. In many cases, we produce components for all phases of the product lifecycle, compressing the timeline, reducing costs, and eliminating several administrative steps.

We mold any commercially available polymer from leading material manufacturers commonly used in home good applications.

Introducing: Xcentric Fast shipping

As part of our ongoing commitment to streamline processes and provide outstanding value, we now offer Xcentric Fast shipping, our new 13-day standard delivery – a full 48 hours less than the previous standard delivery, to support clients in meeting growing customer demands. The new standard delivery applies to the most common sizes of injection-molded components that are produced in one of more than 50 stock materials.

Ready to get started? We make it easy!

We encourage you to contact us regarding your next consumer product development project. Our team is ready to provide manufacturability analysis, design recommendations, and molding services customized to your needs.

Headquartered in Clinton Township, MI, Xcentric Mold & Engineering is a custom quick-turn manufacturer focused on plastic injection molding, CNC machining, and 3D printing in the rapid manufacturing industry. We differentiate through our advanced technologies, proprietary manufacturing processes, rapid turnaround times, and competence of our technical engineering team.