Xcentric Mold & Engineering Appoints Matt McIntosh as Chief Executive Officer

Xcentric Mold & Engineering, a leading provider of rapid manufacturing, has appointed Matt McIntosh as its Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. McIntosh will take over for Matt Wise who has been the interim CEO since June 2020.

“After a thorough and deliberate selection process, we are excited to announce Matt McIntosh as CEO of Xcentric,” said Matt Wise, interim CEO. “Matt’s proven success for implementing sustainable growth strategies and contemporary systems will help to ensure Xcentric continues evolving as a trusted domestic partner for rapid manufacturing.”

Before joining Xcentric, McIntosh served as CEO of Debron Industrial Electronics—an industry-leading electronics manufacturing services provider, where he led the company through a period of transformation, tripled the size of the company, and led the merger and integration of DCA Manufacturing.

Prior to Debron Industrial Electronics, McIntosh held the position of Global Vice President of Sales and Market at Allied Moulded Products, Inc., a compression and injection molding company where he led domestic and international growth along with installation of modern e-commerce tools.

“I am thrilled to join Xcentric as CEO,” said Matt McIntosh, CEO of Xcentric. “Xcentric takes an authentic, customer experience focused approach in every situation—which is a refreshing and much-needed presence in the marketplace. Also, with its talented and dedicated employees, the organization has earned a reputation for excellence and agility in rapid manufacturing. Xcentric has amazing people and a strong foundation with outstanding opportunity for growth.”

McIntosh received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business, and an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. 

About Xcentric Mold & Engineering

Founded in 1997, Xcentric is a leading provider of rapid manufacturing services including plastic injection molding, CNC machining, and 3D printing. Xcentric is made and located entirely in the USA with two Michigan-based facilities. Xcentric serves industries including medical, consumer, industrial, aerospace, defense, and automotive. Contact Xcentric at 586-598-4636.