Xcentric Process Engine – A Unique Injection Molding Expert System

Injection Molding Process Engine

Xcentric has developed an injection molding expert system that supports our technicians in making the best possible process parameter decisions.  Utilizing data from thousands of projects and a database of materials and molding presses, the Xcentric Process Engine helps efficiently select the proper combination of process parameters for each project.  Due to this we are able to get new molds through tryouts and into production in a matter of hours after they are produced.

Custom Optimization

After extensive internal research and development, the Xcentric Process Engine was developed to calculate and apply optimized conditions to fill a part properly and to achieve the best possible quality for a particular material and geometry.  Xcentric’s software assists our team to reduce or eliminate defects in plastic parts created during the molding process.  Information from each project is captured and fed back into the system for future reference to continually improve our results.   

Management or elimination of molded-in stresses in injection molded plastic parts can cause a range of quality issues such as:

  • Warp
  • Fractures
  • Size or shrink issues
  • Color Blends
  • Voids
  • Sink Marks
  • Sheen issues

Features of the process that the Process Engine calculates, monitors and corrects using a geometry specific algorithm.  The following outputs from the system are provided to the operator for every project to reduce trial and error, accelerate the time to first acceptable parts, and reduce scrap and waste. 

  • Shot Size
  • Back Pressure
  • Transfer Position
  • Injection Pressure
  • Injection Time
  • Pack Pressure
  • Pack Time
  • Injection Speed
  • Gate Shear

It is precisely because of these advanced systems, our highly skilled process technicians, and end to end in-house mold production and molding capabilities that Xcentric is able to produce and deliver high quality molded components extremely quickly.