Xcentric Services Comparison

Xcentric has more than 20 years experience as a trusted partner for expediting our customers’ product development projects via a range of consulting, prototyping, and production services for injection molding, machining, and additive manufacturing applications.

There are thousands of injection molding, machining, and prototyping companies worldwide of vastly differing capabilities and focus areas.  It is therefore important that you choose a competent and experienced partner who can provide you with solutions that meet your specific application and project needs.  When your project is time-critical it is even more important to select a partner that is well versed in quickly aligning on your project requirements, converting those requirements into action, and ultimately delivering on time and with the required quality.

The following characteristics distinguish Xcentric Mold & Engineering from our peers in the industry

Focus on customer success

  • Xcentric believes in a consultative approach to understand and deliver to our customers’ expectations, which is critical to consistently deliver on time-critical projects
  • We fully understand the product development cycle and engage with our customers early in the ideation and design phases through prototyping to full production, and at any stage in between.
  • Our capabilities are aligned with our customer needs, allowing us to handle even very complex components on a compressed delivery time
  • We strive to respect our customers’ design intent to the highest degree possible within the constraints of good manufacturing practice.  Where needed we work with our customers to understand improvements in design to improve the end result

Extensive experience serving a wide range of industries and applications

  • Over 20 years helping actualize product development projects for products spanning most segments including medical device, consumer product, industrial products, automotive, defense, aerospace, electrical systems, and many others
  • Drawing on this experience we can quickly understand the particular aspects of our customers’ project goals and convert them into successful outcomes

Deep manufacturing expertise

  • Our team comprises experts from some of the most successful international manufacturing companies, development institutions, and universities with focus on advanced manufacturing
  • A strong team of rapid manufacturing personnel who practice the Xcentric Methodology to accelerate each phase of the product realization process from consultation, through design, manufacturing, quality control, to logistics
  • The result is an extremely efficient process to help our customers achieve their goals and produce their parts as closely as designed as possible

Robust and extremely efficient manufacturing capabilities

  • Xcentric developed and utilizes a proprietary process engine to achieve extreme efficiency – essentially establishing a completely integrated end to end solution specialized on converting designs into custom components in a matter of days
  • Production is performed in-house on high productivity, specially adapted manufacturing equipment to reduce non-productive effort, eliminate variability, and minimize end to end process time
  • Manufacturing capacity is continuously expanded to assure that we are able to hold our quoted delivery times with consistent quality from low volume prototype projects to production of 250,000 components or more

Capabilities and Services

Unique Capabilities: Certifications:
Xcentric Methodology ISO 9001:2015
Advanced Mold Making System UL & ITAR
Proprietary Process Engine  
Services: Delivery:
Product Development Consulting & Project Management Molded parts shipped as fast as Five (5) Days*
Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Analysis Machined and Printed parts shipped as fast as Three (3) Days*
Prototype and Low Volume Injection Molding (< 250,000 Parts)  
Prototype and low volume CNC Machining Services Customer Support:
Additive Manufacturing 24/7 Interactive Quotations
Material Sourcing Professionally prepared quotation and project review
Quality Inspection Services Live Customer Service during business hours
Customer owned tooling storage and lifetime mold guarantee Dedicated Customer Support and Project Engineer for Every Project
Injection Molding Capabilities: CNC Machining:
In-house injection molding In-house injection molding tool production
Internal & External Threads Simple to complex components to standard tolerances (higher tolerances possible)
Manual & Automatic Tooling Range of standard steel, aluminum, and copper alloys
Overmolding Range of standard polymer materials
Insert Molding  
Two-Shot Molding Additive Manufacturing:
Multi-Component Assemblies Polymer – FDM, SLA, SLS, DLF, Polyjet and others
Unlimited Undercuts Metal – SLM, SLS, Rapid Casting
Complex Components Hybrid – Combined additive / subtractive processes
FDA & Engineering Grade Resins  
Custom Colors & textures *Expedite fees will apply