Injection Mold Tools For Prototype, Bridge, And Production Applications


Advanced Injection Mold Making

Our injection mold making system is a proprietary process focused on achieving maximum efficiency in every phase of mold design, analysis, production, try-out, and injection molding production executed by a highly skilled team using state of the art equipment.  This allows us to quickly convert 3D part data into high quality injection molded components in the resins our customers specify in volumes from dozens to hundreds of thousands.

Xcentric has more than 20 years’ experience designing, producing, and running injection mold tooling for some of the world’s largest companies.  Based on this experience, we developed one of the most streamlined and repeatable in-house mold manufacturing process that allows us to typically ship first article molded parts in fifteen business days or less.  For extremely rushed projects, depending on complexity, we can deliver molded parts in as little as five business days.

Over time Xcentric has become known for our ability to injection mold very complex components on the same short delivery timelines as simpler tools.  We accomplish this through our advanced mold design department staffed with industry veterans who both understand the needs of injection molding as well as the special capabilities of the Xcentric mold making system.  Complex ribbing, numerous undercuts, overmolding, insert molding, internal and external threads are all commonly present in our molds.  Likewise, if our customers request a higher production rate we will build multi-cavity and fully automated tooling to meet these requirements as needed.  Typically, the additional cost of these tools is largely offset by higher productivity and lower piece part costs.

injection mold making

Why Choose Xcentric for Injection Mold Making Services?

We produce our tooling on industry-leading CNC and EDM equipment with standard accuracies of +/- 0.005” on the tool (tighter tolerances are available at an additional fee), then hand bench for superior surface finish.  Custom laser surface textures can be applied for an additional fee.  We use only high stability alloys and quality mold components to assure reliable operation during the injection molding process.  Because we produce and run our own molds in-house, we control every aspect of projects end to end, also making it possible for us to accommodate customer requested engineering changes efficiently.

Upon completion of each project, we store the customer’s tooling in our computerized storage system so that we can injection mold additional components efficiently on short notice.  Our “Lifetime Mold Guarantee” ensures that should a customer want to continue to have us produce parts periodically in the future, we are able to support them.

Xcentric Injection Molding Services Have the Following Advantages

  • Highly Competitive Tooling Prices
  • Highly Competitive Part Prices – From tens of parts to hundreds of thousands
  • Highly Competitive Lead Times (Most Projects Ship in less than 15 Business Days)
  • Very few Geometric Part Constraints (we specialize in complex molded components)

Injection molding services

We are well-versed in supporting our customers with prototype, bridge, and production injection molded parts of any complexity normally achieved in production tooling, but delivered much more quickly.  Each project is managed start to finish by a dedicated Customer Service and Project Engineering team.

Our injection molding services include:

  • Prototype Parts – Depending on the application, design of the component and availability of material, we deliver prototype injection molded components in the specified resin in as little as five (5) business days.  We are proficient in producing even very complex prototypes on very short timescales.
  • Low Volume Production Parts  & Bridge Tooling – We frequently support production applications that require injection molded components meeting production quality requirements in low volumes (100s to 100,000s).
  • Sample Parts – With every mold purchase we provide 25 Sample injection molded parts
  • Lifetime Mold Guarantee  –  Customer molds can be stored and re-run indefinitely.  (Conditions apply)
  • Scientific Molding Process­ – A core component of our service is our Scientific Molding Process that helps assure molding success very quickly for low volume applications, especially for more complex projects with a high number of undercuts, Insert Molding, Overmolding, and other features.

Scientific injection molding

Xcentric developed software to eliminate the areas of the molding process that caused defects in the plastic parts.  After extensive research and development, the Process Engine implemented to calculate and apply the perfect conditions to fill a part.

Leading-edge injection mold making technology

Our in-house software developers and mold making experts have created software to significantly decrease the lead time of the mold production process. We reduce a typical mold build time of 6+ weeks to just a few days. And because we also mold in-house, the typical transfer times from mold production to molding floor are reduced to a matter of hours in some cases.  With this advancement, our customers are able to get plastic injection molded components for production or prototype applications.

High-value injection molds at competitive prices

Due to the extremely efficient Xcentric Advanced Molding System, the cost of our precision CNC machined molds is very competitive for short run and prototype applications. As a result, our customers are saying that they often skip 3D Printing because our process is so fast, affordable, and uses the correct material intended in the final production components.  When compared to production tooling for bridge and higher volume production (hundreds of thousands of components), our pricing and delivery times are exceptionally attractive.  This allows our customers to bring their products to market sooner at lower costs, and more importantly, it allows customers in fast changing markets more time and flexibility to decide on production tooling and engineering changes based on market demands.