A Partner with Stock Plastic Material On Hand Can Help Speed Time-To-Market

We have more than 40 resins in stock

Choosing an injection molding partner with an inventory of stock plastic materialcan help to bring products to market faster and cheaper. Material selection is critical when designing for injection molding. This is becuase it can impact the quality, performance, and overall integrity of your finished part.

Often times a common plastic material is the optimal choice for achieving the intended fit, form, and function. Xcentric has more than 40 resins in stock to choose from.

Our current stock plastic materials* are listed below. You can also download a copy of the list here:

If you do not see what you’re looking for, or would like assistance choosing the right material for your next injection molding project, please contact an Xcentric Application Engineer at 586-598-4636 or sales@xcentricmold-newdev.dev.varcm.com. We’re here to help!

*Inventory of stocked material may fluctuate. Xcentric reserves the right to substitute these materials for an equivalent at any time. Contact Xcentric for details.

Stock Plastic Material Available for Plastic Injection Molding

Material Family Material Grade Color
ABS Platable Lustran PG298 Gray
ABS Terluran GP22 Natural
ABS Terluran GP22 Black
ABS Lustran 348 Sno-White
ABS FRA-202 4051 Black
ABS FRA-202 L80714 White
ABS FRA-202 L60380 Red
ABS FRA-202 L31713 Gray
ABS/PC Bayblend T85XF Black
ABS/PC Bayblend T85XF Natural
ABS/PC FR3010 Black
ABS/PC FR3010 Natural
ABS/PC Bayblend T65XF Black
ASA Luran S777K Natural
COPO Tritan TX1001​ Natural
HDPE Alathon H6017 Black
HDPE Alathon H6017 Natural
HIPS Amsty 478W Clear
LCP Vectra A130 Black
LDPE GP Dow 959S Natural
LDPE GP Dow 959S Black
PA Zytel 101L Natural
PA Zytel 101L Black
PA Zytel 70G13HS1 Natural
PA Zytel 70G13HS1 Black
PA Zytel 70G33HS1L Natural
PA Zytel 70G33HS1L Black
PA Zytel 77G15L NC010 Natural
PBT Valox 420SEO Natural
PBT Valox 357 Black
PBT/PET TP-FR-G15 Natural
PC Markrolon Rx2530-1118 Blue Tint
PC Markrolon Rx2530-1118 Clear
PC RX1805-1118 Blue Tint
PC RX1805-1118 Clear
PC Makrolon 2407 Clear
PC Makrolon 2458 Clear
PC Makrolon 2405 Clear
PC Makrolon 2405 Black
PC Makrolon 6717 Clear
PC/PBT Xenoy 5220U Black
PC/PBT UT1018 Black
PEBA PEBAX 7233 Natural
PEEK Victrex 450G Natural
PEI Ultem 1000 Natural
PET Rynite 530-BK503 Black
PETG Eastar 6763 Natural
PMMA Acrylic Clear Plexiglas V825-100 Clear
POM Delrin 500P Natural
POM Delrin 500P Black
POM Celcon M90 Natural
POM Celcon M90 Black
PP GP 2020 Black
PP GP Natural
PP IPP 2020 (Copolymer) Natural
PP Profax 6323 Natural
PPA Zytel HTN 51G35HSL NC1010 Natural
PPE/PS Noryl GFN2 Natural
PPS Ryton R-4-02 Natural
PS Total 500W Clear
PSU Udel P-1700 Natural
PVDF Kynar 720 Natural
Soft PVC Geon HC 2155 Natural
TPE Versaflex OM-6258 Black
TPE Versaflex OM-6240 Black
TPE Versaflex OM-1060X-1 Black
TPE Versaflex OM-1040X-1 Black
TPU Texin 983 Natural
TPU Texin STX Natural
TPV Santoprene 101-35 Black
TPV Santoprene 101-55 Black
TPV Santoprene 101-64 Black
TPV Santoprene 101-80 Black
TPV Santoprene 201-55 Natural
TPV Santoprene 201-73 Natural

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