What to Ask Before you Buy

Is injection molding right for me? What choices do I have?

If you are unsure, just give us a call and talk to one of our friendly sales staff members.  You can discuss your project requirements with us and we can determine which route will be the best for your project.  Knowing your options beforehand and choosing the right process upfront means a successful project in the end.

Is my design ready for injection molding?

If we find an area in your part that can’t physically be manufactured, we will make a modification to your 3D CAD model with a solution that best fits the application and return it to you for approval.

Who is making and running my mold?

This is crucial. When requesting a quote, be sure to find out where your mold is being made, housed, and run.  At Xcentric, all molds are made and run here at Xcentric Mold & Engineering in Clinton Township, MI.  We also have a new plant in Shelby Twp. Michigan.

Who owns my mold?

You do of course. You bought it and you own it. This is crucial to some customers who like to run their own parts or need to apply to their asset list.

Is my mold guaranteed for life?

We can’t speak for the competition, but Xcentric’s molds are guaranteed for the life of the project. If we build it, run it, and supply the parts, whether it’s 10 or 10 million we guarantee the mold for life, it’s that simple. Lifetime Mold Guarantee

Do I have complexity limitations such as Undercuts, Over Molding, or Insert Molding?

At Xcentric, we build your mold to your part design. We do not ask for changes to make it easier for us to build. No one in the plastics industry will tackle more complex parts than us.

What if I need to make modifications to my mold in the future?

Just send us your changes and we will review and find the best and most economical way to make the changes. Oh, and your tool is still guaranteed.

Is there a minimum production part order?

We don’t have a minimum order run. That is decided by your needs.  However, there is a set-up fee associated with each run.

Is cheaper always better?

At Xcentric, we don’t always have the cheapest price but when you buy from us you will get what you need at the best price possible. We handle all aspects of the injection molding process in house, from design to production parts. We cut out the middle man. This, coupled with a matrix style process, enables us to pass on the savings and the fastest lead time to the customer.

How does the quoting process work?

Our team of quote specialists is the most responsive and the most hands on. Our quote team is highly experienced in all areas of plastic injection molding.  From design tips to material selection, getting a quote has never been more personal. Get a quote.

Why should I choose Xcentric to make my molds over the competition?

Being a leader in the plastic injection molding industry, we believe that a quality part comes from a quality mold and a good part design. With our knowledgeable staff of sales, program managers, mold makers, design engineers and the ISO 9000 processes Xcentric has implemented, we are sure you will have a great purchasing experience for your projects. Five Reasons to Choose Xcentric.

When Quality, Speed, and Pricing is Critical

Xcentric can assist with all your product development needs, including plastic part design, prototype molds and plastic injection molded parts. Utilizing all electric molding machines gives us nearly 100% repeatability on every shot, as well as a clean and safe work environment.  Electric machines use 80% less energy than a standard hydraulic press which helps keep us competitive in a global economy and reduce our carbon footprint.